Genera of Elaphidiini

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The genera of Elaphidiini as currently recognized are listed here with nomenclatorial changes, species examined, diagnoses, distributions and diversity, and a brief discussion. Complete generic synonymies are not presented since a catalog of Elaphidiini was published immediately prior to this work (Monné, 1993). The diagnosis includes all the characters necessary to identify and distinguish each genus, in the order that they occur in the key. Information on body length is also provided and is calculated as the length from front of head (base of mandibles) to apex of elytra. Genera are arranged alphabetically as treated in Monné and Giesbert (1993).

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Adiposphaerion Martins & Napp
Ambonus Gistel
Amethysphaerion Martins & Monné
Aneflomorpha Casey
Aneflus LeConte
Anelaphus Linsley
Anopliomorpha Linsley
Anoplocurius Fisher
Apoclausirion Martins & Napp
Aposphaerion Bates
Appula Thomson
Astromula C & L
Atharsus Bates
Atylostagma White
Castiale Pascoe
Centrocerum Chevrolat
Clausirion Martins & Napp
Conosphaerion Linsley
Curtomerus Stephens
Elaphidion Audinet-Serville
Enaphalodes Haldeman
Elaphidionopsis Linsley
Etymosphaerion Martins & Monné
Eurysthea Thomson
Eustromula Cockerell
Gymnospyra Linsley
Hemilissopsis Lane
Ironeus Bates
Linsleyonides Skiles
Mallocera ???
Meganeflus Linsley
Megapsyrassa Linsley
Mephritus Pascoe
Metironeus Chemsak
Micraneflus Linsley
Micranoplium Linsley
Micropsyrassa Linsley
Miltesthus Bates
Minipsyrassa Martins
Miopteryx Blanchard
Morphaneflus Martins & Napp
Neaneflus Linsley
Neomallocera Martins & Napp
Neoperiboeum Linsley
Nephaliodes Linsley
Nesanoplium Chemsak
Nesiosphaerion Martins & Napp
Nesodes Linsley
Nyssicostylus Melzer
Nyssicus Pascoe
Orwellion Skiles
Pantonyssus Bates
Paramallocera Aurivillius
Parasphaerion Martins & Napp
Parastizocera Linsley
Parelaphidion Skiles
Periboeum Thomson
Piezophidion Galileo & Martins
Pilisphaerion Martins & Napp
Poecilomallus Bates
Protomallocera Martins & Napp
Protosphaerion Gounelle
Pseudomallocera Zajciw
Pseudoperiboeum Linsley
Psyrassa Pascoe
Psyrassaforma Chemsak
Rhomboidederes Zajciw
Romulus Knull
Sphaerioeme Mart & Napp
Sphaerion Audinet-Serville
Sphaerionillum Bates
Stenelaphus Linsley
Stenosphenus Haldeman
Stizocera Audinet-Serville
Terpnissa Bates
Trichophoroides Linsley
Tropimerus Giesbert

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