Guide to Palearctic Flea Beetle Genera
(Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Alticinae)

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Epitrix Foudras
habitus illustration of Epitrix caucasica

Epitrix caucasica
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  • Epitrix Foudras, 1859 (1860):147 (type species E. atropae Foudras, 1859 (1860), Europe, designated by Maulik, 1926). - Maulik, 1926:130, 133. - Gressitt & Kimoto, 1963:756. - Gruev & Tomov, 1986:277. - Konstantinov & Vandenberg, 1996:298.
  • Epithrix: Heikertinger, 1924a:41; 1950:117. - Heikertinger & Csiki in Junk, 1939:326. - Kaszab, 1962:385. - Shapiro, 1965:451. - Mohr, 1966:249; 1968:58. - Lopatin, 1977:227; 1984:348; 1986:100. - Lopatin & Kulenova, 1986:162. - Medvedev, 1982:118, 275.

Distribution: The majority of species occur in the New World. Fewer in Palearctic region, China, Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka.

Statistics: Palearctic about 15 spp., more than 100 species worldwide.

Host Plants: Mostly Solanaceae: Atropa, Hyoscyamus, Lycium, Solanum (Medvedev & Roginskaja, 1988).

Diagnosis: Body small, oval, more or less convex from lateral view. Color sometimes yellow, usually dark brown or black, rarely with metallic lustre. Pronotum and elytron covered with hair.
Head almost hypognathous, convex from lateral view, ovoid. Frontal ridge usually narrow and long, not forming T-shaped ridge with anterior margin of head capsule. Antennal calli small, usually well delimited by furrows from vertex and from each other. Interantennal space narrower than or equal to diameter of antennal socket, but narrower than transverse diameter of eye. Eye comparatively large. Clypeus sometimes long, labrum narrow. Antenna 11-segmented, filiform.
Pronotum wide, convex, with antebasal transverse and longitudinal impressions, sinuate basally. Procoxal cavity closed behind. Intercoxal prosternal process wide and flat.
Elytra oval, more or less convex from lateral view, with well developed humeral calli. Elytral punctures arranged in striae; interspaces narrow, usually convex. Epipleuron wide.
Metatibia long, narrow dorsally, flattened laterally. Dorsal surface convex, flat at apex. First metatarsal segment inserted apically, short, shorter than following three segments combined.

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