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Washington, D.C. Dipterists

Want to know who's a Washington insider and working on the National Collection of Diptera? The people who work on flies in our nation's capital come from a diverse group of federal agencies, USDA Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Smithsonian Department of Entomology and US Army Walter Reed BioSystematic Research Unit. As part of our fly collection has been moved offsite for enhancement and increased research productivity, the Washington Diptera Community is now a virtual one including workers in Honolulu, Los Angeles, Corvallis, Ames, and Sacramento.

World Dipterists

Around the World ... look up the people who work on flies anywhere. A directory of the world dipterists is maintained by the Systematic Entomology Laboratory under the leadership of Chris Thompson and can be accessed through this link.

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Photos of Dipterists

Washington, DC, Nov. 2005
BMNH, 1975

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