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Conchaspis capensis (Linnaeus)


Coccus capensis Linnaeus, 1763: 17. Type data: SOUTH AFRICA: Cape of Good Hope, on Gnaphalium muricatum. Lectotype female, by subsequent designation Ben-Dov, 1981c: 147. Type depository: London: The Linnean Society of London, England. Described: female.

Conchaspis phylicae Mamet, 1954b: 229. Type data: SOUTH AFRICA: Cape of Good Hope, type-material taken from herbarium material of Phylica capitata, at Stanford University Natural History Museum, California; by G.F. Ferris. Holotype female. Type depository: Davis: The Bohart Museum of Entomology, University of California, California, USA. Described: female. Illust. Synonymy by Ben-Dov, 1981c: 147.

Conchaspis capensis; Ben-Dov, 1981d: 147. Change of combination.

HOSTS: Asteraceae: Gnaphalium muricatum [BenDov1981c], Metalasia muricata [BenDov1981c]. Rhamnaceae: Phylica [BenDov1974a, BenDov1981c, BenDov1985], Phylica axilaris [BenDov1981c], Phylica capitata [BenDov1974a, BenDov1981c, Mamet1954b], Phylica nervosa [BenDov1981c], Phylica stipularis [BenDov1981c].

DISTRIBUTION: Afrotropical: South Africa [Mamet1954b, BenDov1974a, BenDov1981c, BenDovShMi1985, Giliom2009].

GENERAL REMARKS: Good description and illustration of the adult female given by Mamet (1954b) (as C. phylicae).

SYSTEMATICS: The authentic collection of the species of Coccus described by Linnaeus is deposited with the Linnean Society of London. It includes among the various species, a single lot of scale insects labelled capensis in Linnaeus handwriting. The lectotype was selected from this lot by Douglas J. Williams (see Ben-Dov, 1981d). Paratypes of Conchaspis phylicae Mamet are deposited in MNHN.

KEYS: Ben-Dov 1974a: 371 (female) [World]; Mamet 1954b: 239 (female) [World].

CITATIONS: BenDov1974a [host, distribution, taxonomy: 368-369,371]; BenDov1981c [catalogue: 147]; BenDov1985 [distribution: 174]; BenDov2006b [taxonomy, catalogue: 188-189]; BenDovShMi1985 [host, distribution: 2121]; DeLott1962 [taxonomy: 265]; Fabric1787 [taxonomy, description, host, distribution: 318]; Fernal1903b [catalogue: 325]; Gertss2008 [taxonomy: 55-58]; Giliom2009 [host, distribution: 36-37]; Jackso1913 [taxonomy: 29]; Linnae1763 [taxonomy: 17]; Linnae1767 [taxonomy: 740]; Linnae1788 [taxonomy: 2215]; Linnae1789 [taxonomy: 401]; Mamet1954b [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 229-230, 239]; MillerMiSc1973 [taxonomy: 16]; Olivie1791 [catalogue: 94]; Signor1869 [taxonomy: 847]; Signor1877 [catalogue: 611,663]; StoetzMi1980 [taxonomy: 11]; Walker1852 [taxonomy: 1082]; Willia2007b [taxonomy: 442, 427-430]; WilliaBe2009 [taxonomy: 13].

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