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Dug Miller & Gary Miller
Systematic Entomol. Lab.
Plant Sciences Institute
Agric. Res. Service, USDA
Building 005, Room 137
BARC-West, Beltsville, MD
20705-2350 USA
FAX 01 301-504-6482

Originally begun as the Coccidologists' Newsletter (1973-1982), The Scale (1983-present) serves as an information source for those individuals working with or interested in the Coccoidea. The original intent of The Scale was not as a refereed journal and it has remained consistent with that intent. Within the various issues are news about workers current research, upcoming meetings and events, citations of recent literature, and even necrology.

Some changes (i.e. font size, layout, etc.) occur in the HTML versions of The Scale. However, the wording has remained the same as the published versions. Although The Scale is currently not fully searchable, we would encourage readers to use the "Find" feature in the "Edit" menu of their browser.

The following back issues of The Scale are available on line:

  1. The Scale, Vol. XXX, December 2006
  2. The Scale, Vol. XXIX, December 2005
  3. The Scale, Vol. XXVIII, December 2004
  4. The Scale, Vol. XXVII, April 2003
  5. The Scale, Vol. XXVI, April 2002
  6. The Scale, Vol. XXV, March 2001
  7. The Scale, Vol. XXIV, March 2000
  8. The Scale, Vol. XXIII, March 1999
  9. The Scale, Vol. XXII, March 1998
  10. The Scale, Vol. XXI, March 1997
  11. The Scale, Vol. XX, March 1996