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Did you know that one out of every four animals is a beetle?
Find out more about these marvelous creatures by exploring the links below.

Leaf Chafer Icon Leaf Chafer Home Page

Leaf chafer scarabs comprise about 200 genera and 4,100 species worldwide. The group includes a wide array of beetles--some are metallic silver and gold, while others have enlarged, horn-like mandibles or swollen hind legs. To learn more about the habits and appearance of leaf chafers, or get a general overview of the leaf chafer collection at the National Museum of Natural History, click here!

Flea Beetle Icon Handbook of Palearctic Flea Beetles

The on-line version of the Handbook of Palearctic Flea Beetles provides valuable information on flea beetle identification, morphology, distribution, and host plants. This information contributes to present and future biological control endeavors, as well as urban pest management and conservation efforts. The online handbook serves as an entertaining and educational resource for young people with a burgeoning interest in entomology! Click here to explore!

Elaphidiini Icon Elaphidiini Beetle Site

This resource introduces the user to the generic diversity in the Elaphidiini, a large tribe of primarily nocturnal longhorned woodboring beetles. These beetles usually live for 1-2 years as larvae, feeding inside trees and branches, before emerging for a brief period as adults. Members of the 520 species of this tribe range from central Canada to southern South America and are most commonly encountered when they are attracted to lights at night. To reveal their diversity and aid in identification, information and images of the adult beetle are presented for each genus.

Coleoptera Collection Icon The National Coleoptera Collection

History of the collection, Collection profiles, and curators of families, and databases/inventories of the museum holdings. Make sure you check out our new Leaf Beetle HomePage and searchable database.

Coleoptera Staff Icon The Combined Coleoptera Staff

Take a look at who's who in Coleoptera in Washington and the World. Names, faces and the basic facts about us in Washington are provided. So, if you are looking for someone who knows something about Coleoptera, press here.

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