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About this Site

As designer (Fairman) and researcher (Thompson), our vision is to deliver to all the maximal information about flies (Diptera) in the most effective manner. This World-Wide-Web site is one such attempt.

We want to present content for all,
FROM those new to flies and systematics, be they students or the general public, for which our Flies Flies Flies provides basic information about these wonderful creatures and Disseminating BioSystematic Information provides a rational for our science,
TO experts (scientists) who want technical details about our research program and results, for which our directories of specialists and opportunities, databases of names and monographs of taxa attempt to service.

We also want to provide documentation on the standards we use for our information, as well as advice on how we create this site. While documentation on our standards will be found under the appropriate sections, we apologize for not having provided more advice to those who would want to emulate us. The challange to providing more contents in more effective ways has exhausted us!

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