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Fruit Fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) Taxonomy Pages

Eutreta diana female on gall, photo Fruit flies (Tephritidae) are the most agriculturally important family of flies. Some species are pests, together causing billions of dollars in losses annually, whereas other species are beneficial biological control agents of weeds. Fruit flies are also among the most attractive and biologically interesting Diptera (see PhotoTour to view nice images of a variety of fruit flies), having patterned wings and often brightly colored and/or patterned bodies, which may be used in mimicry of jumping spiders or wasps and in elaborate courtship and other behaviors. This site contains primarily taxonomic and natural history information on these flies, that is, how to recognize them, how they are classified and related (phylogeny), and what their correct names are, as well as related distribution and host information. This site includes an interactive program for the identification of adults and larvae of pest species of fruit flies that you may download. Information on the classification, diversity, phylogeny and biology of the family (largely copied from Norrbom et al. 1999) can be found via the links below, or you may connect to pages on particular genera and species. You may also access the following databases: fruit fly names database, including all fruit fly scientific names and related information through 2003; fruit fly bibliography database, with more than 6,000 entries; host plant database for the genera Anastrepha and Toxotrypana; and a New World specimen database. Use the links in the Quick SELector or the simplified Table of Contents below it to access other pages.

Table of Contents

Behavior Invasive Species
Biological Control Agents Links to Other Sites
Biology Literature Database
Classification & Diversity Names Database
Databases Parasites & Predators
Diagnosis of Family Parasites & Predators
Economic Importance Pest Species - General Information
Faunal Statistics Photo Tour
Genera & Species Pages Phylogeny
Host Plant Database Recognition
Host Plants References
Identification Specimen Database (New World)
Introduced Species Taxonomist List

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