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Insects & Mites
BARC Field Day 2004
The Systematic Entomology Laboratory at the 2004 BARC Field Day
"Bugs"—Good, Bad, & Ugly
Our thinking about the creatures commonly referred to as "bugs" is influenced by things both real and mythical. Some kinds of "bugs" (e.g. sowbugs) are neither insects nor mites. Pictures of sundry "bugs" that are insects and mites, including some true bugs, are categorized here.
Endopterygote insects
Insects with internal wing development and complete metamorphosis—beetles, moths, flies, hymenopterous insects (sawflies, bees,wasps, ants, parasitoid wasps), etc.
Hemipteroid insects
True bugs, hoppers, aphids, scales, psyllids, whiteflies, thrips, lice, etc.
Orthopteroid insects (planned)
Crickets, grasshoppers, stick insects, roaches, mantids, termites, etc.
Mites & Ticks—Acari
Mostly tiny, often microscopic, wingless arthropods with 8-legged adults
National Collections of Insects & Mites
National Collection Information & History
SEL Insect & Mite Databases
Scalenet, Spodoptera, Fly Names, Dipterists, Fruitfly Literature, Sawfly Literature, and National Collection information for Leaf Beetles, Leaf Chafers, Aphids, Whiteflies, Psyllids, & Scales